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To be a progressive revenue administration that plays an essential role in achieving economic prosperity and stability for the people of the federation while adhering to international good practice.


The values are an expression of behaviours that all IRD staff should display to create a positive, customer centric culture. Strong values in an Organization leads to better decision-making increased trust between management, staff and stakeholders. They also enable organizations to become leaders in their undertakings. The IRD will embrace the following values: Professionalism, Respect, Innovate, Drive & Ethics.


Promote voluntary compliance with the tax and related laws through quality standards and risk- driven approach in a manner that warrants the high degree of public confidence in the administration.

Strategic Goals

The department is currently focused on implementing five (5) broad strategic goals


Facilitate Voluntary Compliance by Expanding and Improving Services to Taxpayers

Expanding and improving services to taxpayers.
Enhancing its legal framework
Modernization strategies
Improve the effectiveness of enforcement activities to deter and address non-compliance
Improve our relations with our Stakeholders

Customers Charter

The Saint Christopher and Nevis Inland Revenue Department believes that all of our customers have a right to expect from us the highest standards of professionalism and integrity and service that is fair, efficient and courteous.

We therefore promise that we will:

  • beopen, fair, efficient, helpful and courteous in our interaction with you.
  • carry out duties with dilgence, professionalism and impartially.
  • be responsive to your suggestions and recommendations.
  • address your complaints and correct our mistakes.
  • keep your information confidential.
  • continually seek to improve performance and procedures to better serve you.

And you can assist us by:

  • making prompt, true and accurate tax declarations.
  • registering for the appropriate taxes in accordance with the tax laws.
  • paying your taxes on time.
  • reporting noncomplaint behaviour, corruption and other criminal activites.
  • making suggestions that will enable us to improve our service to our country and to you, it’s citzens.

Management Team

  • Edward Gift Comptroller

  • Eric Haynes (Deputy Comptroller) Deputy Comptroller

  • Velda Irish- Brown (Deputy Comptroller) Deputy Comptroller

  • Adrian Ward (Assistant Comptroller) Manager for Office to the comptroller

  • Wavney Hanley (Assistant Comptroller) Data Processing Manager

  • Joanna Collins (Assistant Comptroller) Stamp Duty & Operations Manager

  • Watkins Chirverton (Manager of Systems) Information System Manager

  • Leon Norford (Senior Tax Inspector III) Document management & Mail Operations Manager

  • Alston Johnson (Assistant Comptroller) Programme management Manger

  • Grace Gilfillan- Farrell (Assistant Comptroller) Objections Management Manager

  • Norvin Rawlins (Chief Property Valuation Manger) Property Manager

  • Eliza Mills (Assistant Comptroller) Debt management Manager

  • Sheleen Matthew (Assistant Comptroller) Audit and Investigation (LMTS) Manager

  • Jason Christopher (Senior Tax Inspector III) Dept Management (LMTS) Manager

  • Odette Bass- Galloway (Senior Tax Inspector III) Payments Manager

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